Express Medical is proud to say we originally targeted hospitals within the Florida market and expanded to service independent physicians and blood delivery facilities throughout the state. Our service record continues to provide expansion opportunities including Las Vegas where Express Medical began service in early 2014.Our business plan is solid. We specialize in exclusive courier service to hospitals, independent physicians and blood distribution facilities. Our services are predictable with complete focus given to the integrity of every specimen or medical product we deliver. Our unique computer app further complements our efforts. We are proud to state Express Medical has a one hundred percent service record.Our drivers all wear uniforms, drive vehicles clearly marked as medical transportation vehicles and always follow local regulations to assure safe, professional service. We understand the importance of flexibility, and delivery schedules are adjusted in real time utilizing our computer app to send route changes or messages to any driver’s scanner nationwide.Simply stated, we are your nationwide courier solution with a 100% success rate. Our pricing is very competitive, our attention to detail or medical protocol is unique within the industry and our attention to detail is unparalleled. Simply stated, we become an intracal part of your team.

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