Cost Savings

Express Medical examines your existing lab operation, optimizes existing routes and utilizes our advanced software technology to identify cost savings opportunities and Lower your costs. These proven cost savings methods have typically reduced our client’s lab costs by 20% to 40%. Let Express Medical become your cost saving courier solution.

Removal of in house expenses

You are certainly aware of your in house courier expenses. Just imagine eliminating the following expenses: vehicle payments, fuel, insurance, maintenance, tolls and phones. Also consider typical employer expenses that include: wages, employer taxes, benefits and worker’s compensation. Express Medical will consolidate these overhead expenses into a proposal that will assure quality service with cost savings and our 100% success record. 

No rate increases

We are your long term cost stability solution. Express Medical will analyze your courier needs, optimize your routes and assemble a business plan that includes quality service with No price increases for the term of our agreement

Improved specimen turnaround

We consult with your management team while using our scanning and routing software to enhance turnaround time for your labs. Our software provides targeted data that includes detailed reports utilized to optimize routes and maximize cost savings for your facilities. 

Superior technology

Express Medical provides superior technology which includes:
  • Barcode Scanning System
  • Instant access to specimen/Report Records
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • GPS – Instant/Historical Verification
  • Online messaging and email
  • Volume Reports
  • Detailed Billing Reports
  • Electronic delivery verification

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